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Are you sleeping on the wrong bed?

We are regularly bombarded with research about the importance of sleep and it seems everyday there is a new article which shows the top tips for getting a good night’s sleep. We all know how important sleep is to our every day lives, and physical and mental health but with so many articles and advice…
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How to sleep when the weather is hot

Struggling to sleep in this hot weather? Check out our top tips for keeping cool in bed. Shut out the sun Keep the blinds and curtains of your bedroom closed during the day as this will prevent the day time sunshine warming up your bedroom and the bed itself. When it is time to go…
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Is it time to buy a new bed?

Every day new research is published that provides advice on how to get a good night’s sleep. From eating the right things at the right times, exercising (but not too close to bedtime), and avoiding technology before bed, these are all lifestyle changes that can help us to enjoy quality, restorative sleep. But what about…
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Top tips for buying a quality bed

A restful night of sleep is vital for good health and well worth a solid investment. Here, Brent Cooper, Managing Director at Marshall & Stewart, shares his top tips for buying a new bed as well as exactly why getting a good night’s sleep is so important. As with many things in life, you get…
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Searching for a good night’s sleep this winter?

Turn down the thermostat and throw out the electric blanket! As the UK starts to battle plummeting night-time temperatures it is no surprise that people are hiking up the thermostats and digging out their high tog duvets. But with energy costs at an all-time high, turning your thermostat down during the night could not only…
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10 tips from a Bed Expert

Searching for that elusive quality night's sleep? Well, you're not alone. Brent Cooper, bed expert at luxury bed retailer Marshall & Stewart, is on hand to share his top tips for buying the right bed to provide quality, restorative sleep. “A restful night of quality sleep is vital for good health. Give it the attention…
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Choosing the right bed

Choosing the right bed is easy. If it's right, you don't notice that you're lying in it. We usually say that the right bed is the one that isn't noticeable when you're lying in it. A bed should be neutral, where the only feeling is that of comfort. Which bed is best? If you try…
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All about backs

So long as our backs don't actually hurt, we tend not to think too much about them. Having said that, about 80% of the population suffer from back trouble at some point in their lives. Are our backs made to stand the strain? Does walking upright on two legs result in too much stress on…
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All about dreams

Our knowledge of dreams can be explained under three main headings - pre-scientific, psychoanalytical, and contemporary dream physiology and psychology. Dreams have long been accounted for by a wide range of myths, interpretations and speculation. In Homer's Iliad, dreams are said to have affected the outcome of the Trojan War. Hippocrates, the father of medicine,…
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All about sleep

It is safe for us to assume that for as long as there has been life on Earth, people have applied considerable thought to why we sleep and dream. Ancient cultures nurtured many weird and wonderful ideas with regard to sleep. The inhabitants of classical Greece were of the opinion that Hypnos, god of sleep,…
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