Is it time to buy a new bed?

Every day new research is published that provides advice on how to get a good night’s sleep. From eating the right things at the right times, exercising (but not too close to bedtime), and avoiding technology before bed, these are all lifestyle changes that can help us to enjoy quality, restorative sleep. But what about your bed? Surely that has a significant impact on your sleep quality?

Findings from The Sleep Council’s Great British Bedtime Report found that only 22% of people surveyed felt a new bed would improve their sleep. However, research found that when replacing an old, uncomfortable bed, a new bed was linked with an increase of 42 minutes of extra sleep.

The team at Marshall & Stewart are dedicated to helping their customers achieve truly restorative sleep, every night. Over the years they have developed personalised Sleep Consultations that are offered to every customer for free to educate them on the importance of quality sleep and how best to achieve this. Many people assume firm beds are good for posture but that’s not always the case. Balancing on top of the mattress may be familiar, but should be avoided. Each Consultation lasts around 45 minutes and involves a sleep evaluation and lifestyle analysis from an experienced member of the Marshall & Stewart team.

So what should you be looking for in a new bed? One of the most important elements about a bed is that your body should be supported at all times to enable you to complete the Sleep Cycle. The Deep Sleep stage of the cycle allows your muscles to completely relax and recuperate. A quality bed should support and keep your spine aligned while you sleep. Correct support allows the body to mould into the mattress, keeping the spine in perfect alignment.

Every person is different which means their requirements in a bed are different too. The Sleep Experts at Marshall & Stewart recommend trying a few different designs of bed to help find the most suitable one. The luxury Diamond Collection is exclusively available at Westend Bed Company in East Sheen in Richmond. The collection is made up of six beds that have been hand crafted using fine, natural materials such as horsehair, cotton and lambswool to create truly exquisite comfort.

Invest in a quality bed and quality sleep this National Bed Month with Marshall & Stewart.

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