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Making a Marshall Stewart bed

A Marshall & Stewart bed represents an investment in your future. Each bed is designed to suit your individual requirements and comes with a 25-year guarantee on springs and frames. Crafted with the very finest natural materials and boasting an intelligent spring system, every Diamond Collection bed is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

It's what's inside that counts...


A good night's sleep is determined by a variety of factors  the support system is key, as are the materials used to create it.


Marshall and Stewart Design




Horsehair has a unique ventilation quality which allows your bed to breathe by removing moisture with ease and speed. At Marshall & Stewart, we use only the very finest long tail horsehair in each of our Diamond Collection models. The horsehair allows the mattress to stay dry by wicking away moisture and is complemented by the evaporation properties of our various woollen layers, helping you maintain an even body temperature.


Wool is an important component in each of our beds. In addition to being extremely comfortable it feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It helps to regulate body temperature throughout the night, to ensure you experience the very best night's sleep. Depending on the model, each of the Diamond Collection beds features lambswool and in some models cashmere, which is hand teased into white horsehair to provide a resilient, luxurious feel.


Cotton is soft, absorbent and durable. Cool, comfortable cotton naturally ventilates and is very effective in moisture control.


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