Are you sleeping on the wrong bed?

We are regularly bombarded with research about the importance of sleep and it seems everyday there is a new article which shows the top tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

We all know how important sleep is to our every day lives, and physical and mental health but with so many articles and advice about how to get a good night’s sleep, it can be hard to know what to do. At the end of the day, we are all different so different tips and beds will work for different people. Brent Cooper, Managing Director at Marshall & Stewart, has been in the bed industry for more than 30 years. In that time, he has learnt a thing or two about sleep and how to help his customers achieve a truly restorative night’s sleep, allowing them to wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

Brent says; “When a person is sleeping on the wrong bed, good quality sleep is really hard to achieve. The body moves and tries to settle into a position where the muscle groups can shut down. When that does not happen there is a constant shifting around. They end up tossing and turning looking for the right position where they can drift off into deep sleep.”

“In the search to try to achieve deep sleep so many factors get the blame – blue light, TVs, laptops, iPads, caffeine etc. The tendency to lay the blame on everything rather than look to the obvious drives me crazy.”

Brent explains that people often, inaccurately, feel if they spend a lot of money on a bed, it will solve all their sleep woes and allow them to drift off to the Land of Nod. However, this is not necessarily the case. While it is important to invest in a quality bed, what is more important is to ensure it is the right bed and offers the correct support and foundation for the individual. Then everything else will fall nicely into place.

Following their expert knowledge and years of experience in the industry, Brent and the team at Marshall & Stewart have developed personalised Sleep Consultations. These 45 minute sessions involve a lifestyle evaluation and sleep analysis to ensure each customer finds the correct support system, model and style of bed to suit their individual needs. Sleep Consultations are offered free of charge to all customers at Westend Bed Company in East Sheen, Richmond.

Since offering these Sleep Consultations, Brent and his team have received a wealth of positive feedback from customers they have helped to find their dream beds. Many customers have preconceived ideas about what they are looking for in a quality bed but these may not necessarily be true or accurate. For example, some people feel if they suffer with back issues, choosing a firm bed would help but this is not always the case. What makes Westend Bed Company’s Sleep Consultations so helpful is their personalised nature, where the sleep expert takes each consultation on a customer-by-customer basis to assess their needs and requirements to help them find the correct bed for them.

Brent explains; “I sleep on a Soft Cullinan. I sleep amazingly well considering my damaged neck from a car accident and the torn disc in my lower back. I can have a coffee immediately before sleep, use my iPad for a couple of hours and it does not affect my sleep at all. If I were in a bed that was too hard I would not be able to sleep and I would be blaming the coffee and the iPad when these are not the culprits.”

Browse the entire Diamond Collection and speak to the team at Westend Bed Company to find the bed of your dreams. Great Sleep Starts Here.

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