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  • 14-turn intuitive spring system in four tensions
  • Unique combined round and flat spring frame for shape retention and edge support
  • Spring system is cushioned with:
    - Cotton and wool comfort layer
    - Needled wool insulator
    - One layer of hand teased horsehair
    - Needled wool support layer
  • Natural mattress tick and stretch cotton fabric
  • Three rows of traditional hand side-stitching
  • Tufted
  • Internally supported handles


  • Sturdy handmade timber frame with tennoned corner joints and slotted cross member supports
  • 100mm high open coil spring
  • 100mm high pocket spring
  • Needled flax insulator
  • Needled wool comfort layer
  • Choice of natural fabrics
  • Choice of legs

The Cullinan features the same 14-turn pocket sprung mattress as our signature Koh-I-Noor bed, providing equal depth of support and comfort. The Cullinan base is the perfect foundation for this luxurious mattress, featuring the best of modern technology combined with natural materials and traditional British craftsmanship.

The tennoned corner joints on the robust wooden frame are designed to provide significant strength and durability. This base features two rows of springs; a combination of Bonell and pocket spring layers providing an unparalleled depth of support designed to ensure deep, therapeutic sleep.

The generous layers of sumptuous upholstery in the base include blends of silky horsehair and needled lambswool, creating an amazing depth of comfort.

The Cullinan is a masterpiece – a truly innovative sleep system.

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