How to sleep when the weather is hot

Struggling to sleep in this hot weather? Check out our top tips for keeping cool in bed.

  1. Shut out the sun

Keep the blinds and curtains of your bedroom closed during the day as this will prevent the day time sunshine warming up your bedroom and the bed itself. When it is time to go to sleep, your room will be a cool, restful sleeping environment and your bed will be cool enough to allow you to drift off to a comfortable night’s sleep.

  1. Air your bed before sleeping

As well as keeping your bedroom blinds and curtains closed to stop sunshine entering the room, either turn back your bedding or take it off the bed altogether during the day to allow air to circulate your bed and linen.

  1. Watch what you drink

To ensure a good night’s sleep, we always recommend not over-indulging on too much alcohol as this can prevent you from falling asleep or interrupt your Sleep Cycle during the night. Instead, keep a glass of cool water by your bedside to prevent you from overheating during the night.

  1. Don’t go commando

Although it can be tempting to sleep au naturale during the hot weather, try sleeping in cotton pyjamas instead. This cooling material will allow your skin to breathe and ensure any sweat is soaked up rather than left on your body – making you uncomfortable and causing you to wake up.

  1. Switch off electrical sockets

Electrical sockets can give off a surprising amount of heat so make sure you turn off all the plug sockets in your bedroom to help keep things cool. It will save some energy too!

  1. Rinse your wrists or feet

Cool your body temperature by rinsing your wrists or feet with cool water before you get into bed. This will allow you to get a headstart by starting your body off at a comfortable temperature.

  1. Sleep alone

As harsh as it may seem, if you share a bed with someone, sleeping alone may give you a better chance of getting a good night’s sleep in hot weather. The extra space and lack of body heat from your partner will help you to keep cool throughout the night.

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