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  • 10-turn intuitive spring system in four tensions
  • Unique combined round and flat spring frame for shape retention and edge support
  • Spring system is cushioned with:
    - Needled wool insulator
    - One layer of hand teased horsehair
    - Needled wool support layer
  • Natural mattress tick and stretch cotton fabric
  • Two rows of traditional side-stitching
  • Tufted
  • Internally supported handles


  • Machined timber base with internal corner block – glued and screwed
  • 100mm high open coil spring
  • Needled flax insulator
  • Needled wool comfort layer
  • Choice of natural fabrics
  • Choice of legs

The Sancy shares the same base as the Florentine, featuring a 10cm deep intelligent Bonell spring system, and layer upon layer of sumptuous natural materials.

The Sancy is a gem of a mattress using a 10-turn sensor spring interior surrounded by generous layers of horsehair and lambswool. Two rows of hand side-stitching reinforce the mattress border and soft woollen tufts are fitted to ensure minimum migration of the upholstery fillings, resulting in deep, restorative sleep.

Sancy is a supremely comfortable sleep solution.

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