How To Sleep In The Hot Weather

Do you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night because it’s just too hot to fall asleep? Our bodies naturally release a hormone that we need to sleep, telling our bodies to cool down. When the temperature is too high, this process is interrupted making sleep difficult to achieve.  


If you need help falling asleep when it’s too hot outside, here are some top tips that could help you:


Keep the hot air out 

Closing blinds, windows and curtains helps to keep the hot air out of rooms. If you can get your room to a cool temperature before going to bed, you will find it easier to fall asleep. 


Let the breeze in 

Even though you should keep your windows closed during the day, open them on an evening when there is a breeze outside. If you’re able, leave windows open throughout the night to let the air flow around your room. If you can’t leave your window open, keeping your interior doors open can help air flow through the house. 


Be a fan of the fan 

If the noise doesn’t bother you, having a fan on throughout the night can help keep a room cool. Make sure it isn’t dusty and don’t have it blowing directly into your face! 


No stress

Not being able to fall asleep can be really frustrating; try not to get frustrated about it. The more stressed you become, the hotter you’ll be. 


Laying in linen 

Let’s be honest, most of us throw off our quilts when it gets too hot. If you don’t like doing this, you might benefit from changing your bedding. A smaller tog duvet and linen sheets will contribute to keeping you cool throughout the night. 

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