I am absolutely delighted with my new bed. Lovely delivery guys put it up and it looks perfect! And the linens are gorgeous. So thank you all – especially to Brent. What a pleasure it is to talk to someone who really knows and enthuses about beds, sleep, textiles etc – real specialism and expertise is difficult to find so I very much appreciated it. Delighted I found your shop, rather by accident. I'm sure I'll be back.


I am a Nurse Practitioner and today I met up with an incredible man who sells beds with mattresses for a living. Brent made me realise how important it is to have the right mattress to achieve the best sleep to support a healthy, active, creative mind. I was in awe of your knowledge about sleep and your passion for finding the right mattress for me. Honestly, if you are confused and don’t know much about mattresses, and are desperate for a good night's sleep, this company is incredible. Thank you.


I can't believe it was 2012 we bought the bed – it's still the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in!


I recently met a man who has entirely changed my mindset and views about sleep – Brent Cooper of Westend Bed Company in East Sheen. Upon walking into Westend Bed Company, Brent chose not to discuss or even bring up cost or budget. Instead, he asked about my lifestyle and how I currently sleep. I really felt like he was trying to understand my needs in order to find the perfect mattress and this was the priority. Brent was concerned with comfort and the benefits and features of particular mattresses.


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Katie Ann Lamb, The Sloaney,

The Sancy bed we bought from you is totally amazing – honestly the most comfortable bed ever. We now find it really hard to go and stay with friends or family as everything seems so uncomfortable!

Charlie Wickenden, Director, Wickenden Hutley ,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how much we love our bed. Thank you so much for helping us choose the right one and even more so for the price! It's fantastically comfortable and we love having two different sides of firmness to meet each of our needs.


We recently bought a new Marshall & Stewart Sancy mattress set and life has just got better and better because of it. Not only is it beautifully made but we have now had the best sleep ever.

We had never appreciated what a difference a decent mattress can do...and now just cannot wait to get to bed. Sleep has got deeper and better. The quality is second to none...and the best bit is...it feels as though you have the bed to yourself as you cannot feel someone else moving around in bed with you.

Our new mattress is absolutely the best thing we own. I wouldn’t change it for anything else. It's completely wonderful.

Emma Redmayne, Publishing Director at World of Interiors,

Everything went smoothly throughout the whole process, from initial consultation to delivery, and we are happy with our new Marshall & Stewart mattress! Thank you for your great service, we will surely come back to you when it's time for us to buy a base for our mattress! Special thanks to your delivery guys, who despite the long day took their time to explain how to take care of the mattress!

Tiina-Liisa and Tobias,

I just want to say thank you for the advice you gave me to go for a soft spring tension. I am a long time sufferer from a bad back. I was therefore a bit surprised when you suggested the soft version – and more importantly to stick with it despite noticing little difference after the first week, or so. You were however completely right, my back apparently needed some adjusting to the new bed – and now I can finally enjoy good night's sleep and wake up without back pain in the morning. Many thanks from a very happy customer.

Fredrik Werneman,

Spent my first night in my Marshall & Stewart bed on Saturday night. Oh my God. It was divine!

Had a massive lie in. Not sure how much the lack of children, the horrific amount of wine, or the very late night contributed, but the bed was amazing.

James Keen,

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